HHP creates affordable homeownership opportunities by developing quality housing sensitive to historic preservation and neighborhood values.  HHP enhances the quality of life in the communities it serves by promoting historic preservation, providing affordable housing and creating community stakeholders.

HHP’s approach is three-fold:

Promote Historic Preservation:  HHP extends a strong preservation ethic into residential areas by purchasing historic houses and rehabilitating them, taking care to retain the original character and scale of the home while improving livability.
Integrate New Construction:  In cases where in-fill opportunities are present, HHP develops new, in-fill housing compatible in scale, form, density and character to the surrounding neighborhood.  Wherever possible, HHP integrates the housing to its surrounding environment through landscaping, open spaces and other amenities.
Create Community Stakeholders:  HHP focuses on families who cannot afford homeownership and provides financial assistance to make housing costs affordable.  Through homeownership, HHP helps to create stable, safe, and vital neighborhoods by increasing the number of local stakeholders who take pride in their homes.
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