Doran Gardens


331-343 West Doran Street, Glendale, CAType of Construction:
Rehabilitation of three (3) existing Craftsman bungalows along Doran Street; Construction of 57 new Craftsman-style, attached 1-story flats and 2-story townhouse condominiumsUnits:
Sixty (60) 1- to 4-bedroom floor plans up to 1,800 square feetType of Income:
Low- and moderate-income condominium units; three (3) market rate single-family bungalows 

Private balconies and patios; communal courtyards; City of Glendale Mini-Park with playground located at the entrance to Doran Gardens; located in the heart of downtown Glendale


Historic Significance:
Though not eligible for local or national listing, the three Craftsman bungalows along Doran Street (built between 1910 and 1911) continue to show the neighborhood’s early architectural style and remain a part of its evolution.


Awards and Recognition:
• Award of Excellence for a Hard-Won Victory by the American Planning Association