There are currently no units available at our most recently completed project, Lincoln at Orange Grove.


Heritage Housing Partners' next project, Walnut Housing, is currently slated for completion in the fall of 2025.

Please click the 'Coming Soon' tab to learn more.

Walnut Housing

Southwest Street Perspective

The Crescent - Napa

F4.2_20 - Photo

Lincoln at Orange Grove

Lincoln Orange Grove Corner

Summit Grove

Heritage Housing Partners - Summit Grove

Highland Mews

Heritage Housing Partners - Highland Mews

Haskett Court


Decker Court


Guilford Court

Heritage Housing Partners - Guilford Court

Doran Gardens

Heritage Housing Partners - Doran Gardens

Evanston Court

Heritage Housing - Evanston Court

Gill Court


Fair Oaks Court


Herkimer Gardens


Resales in Pasadena


None Currently Available

Resales in Glendale

Heritage Housing Partners - Doran Gardens

None Currently Available

The 2024 Summer Series workshop schedule will be announced in late April. Stay tuned!

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